April 6th, 2013


Tip jar is closed! And...um, wow.

Okay, so first off: the tip jar is closed. Any money that is randomly sent to me after this date does not go into the tip jar total. So please wait until the next time I do this, to make sure that you get the story to go with your silver, okay!

Second off, thank you to absolutely everyone who donated, thought about donating, or couldn't donate. You are all awesome.

Thirdly, the total:


...um. I'd sort of been hoping for four hundred, but that felt greedy. So...wow. Thank you all so much, and now let's tell the people at home what they've won!

"Sweet Poison Wine" (the followup to "Married In Green") is finished, and Tara is designing the cover now. As soon as that's done, I'll send the files off for ebook conversion, and we'll be ready to post.

"The First Fall" has been added to the schedule, tentatively with a June completion. Could be sooner, as I knock other things out of the way, shouldn't be later, since Half-Off Ragnarok is due on May 1st.

"Loch and Key" has finally stabilized as a consequence of my mapping out "The First Fall," and will be going on the paid fiction list as soon as I clear "The First Fall" and can see the schedule again.

"Blocked" has been added to the schedule, tentatively with a February completion, to keep y'all from going into Antimony withdrawal.

Thank you all again, so, so much. You are amazing.