January 23rd, 2013

rose marshall

Let me tell you about Rose Marshall...

Let me tell you about Rose Marshall,
The sweetest girl that you’d ever see.
They always say that the good die young,
Well, she died back in fifty-three,
Kept her prom night date with the cemetery...

They call her the spirit of Sparrow Hill Road. She's the girl at the diner, the phantom prom date, and the girl in the green silk gown. She's long gone, ashes and bones, and she'll never find the ride that brings her home.

Her name is Rose.

She's got a few stories she's been dying to tell.

I am delighted and a little bit blown away to be able to announce that Sparrow Hill Road, the book, will be coming from DAW Books in 2014. This full-length work will include heavily revised versions of eleven of the original "Sparrow Hill Road" stories, along with two all new stories, and a Price Family Field Guide to the Dead of the North American Ghostroads. (The story that was cut, "Bad Moon Rising," didn't add to the main plot of the book, and may appear in revised format elsewhere somewhere down the line.)

I seriously couldn't be happier about this, you guys. I'm just...Rose Marshall, the girl who thought she'd never get out of Buckley, is coming soon to a bookstore near you.

It's so cool.