September 13th, 2012


You're so worried about the maiden, even though she's always waiting...

...for the next best thing.

We survived Worldcon! Holy crap! And now is the time on sprockets where I do the accounting, because otherwise I lose track of things and then nobody's happy. Have an inchworm post.

This is the current shape of my 2012/2013, with travel dates and everything. Beautiful travel dates. Hope to see you sometime in the months to come.


When Will You Rise?, October 2012.
"Rat-Catcher," November 2012.
Velveteen vs. The Junior Super Patriots, November 2012.

"Laughter at the Academy: A Study in the Development of Schizotypal Creative Genius Personality Disorder (SCGPD)," February 2013.
Midnight Blue-Light Special, March 2013.
Chimes at Midnight, September 2013.
"Train Yard Blues," October 2013.

Parasite, unknown.
"A Dry Death," unknown.


Pacific Northwest Reading Series, Portland, October 15.
Pacific Northwest Reading Series, Seattle, October 16.
Windycon, November 8-11, Chicago IL.

JordanCon, April 19-21, Roswell GA.
Disney World, May 17-23, Orlando FL.
OASIS, May 24-26, Orlando FL.
Musecon, August 2-4, Itasca IL.
Lone Star Con (Worldcon 2013), August 28-September 2, San Antonio, TX.
SFContario, November 29-December 1, Toronto Canada.

No fixed deadline/being written/unsold:

"Carry Me Home"
"Daughter of the Midway, the Mermaid, and the Open, Lonely Sea"
"These Antique Fables"
"Pixie Season"
"Velveteen vs. Bacon"
"Velveteen vs. The Robot Armies of Dr. Walter Creelman, DDS"
"Velveteen vs. The Fright Night Sorority House Massacre Sleepover Camp"
"Married in Green"
"Loch and Key"
Chimes at Midnight
Half-Off Ragnarok
"How Green This Land, How Blue This Sea"

Very little movement on the "being written" list this time, quite a lot of movement on the appearances, as 2013 starts to come more clearly into focus. Lots to do, and never enough time to do it in.

I need a nap.
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Bob Kanefsky: still the devil.

I believe we've discussed this before, but: in the filk community, there is a man by the name of Bob Kanefsky. He is also a verb. To "be Kanef'd" is to have one of your songs gripped in the white-hot maw of his evil genius, chewed up, and spat out as something entirely different. If he and Weird Al Yankovic got into gonzo parody battle (probably in an abandoned warehouse somewhere, with lots of exposed beams and weirdly good lighting), Kanef would win with subtlety and horrifyingly accurate internal rhyme.

To be Kanef'd is a rite of passage in the filk community. It is the announcement that yes, you have made it as a songwriter; yes, you have created something good enough to be worth tinkering with.

The first time I was Kanef'd, I like to've died. Literally—I couldn't breathe. And as with most creative people, he's only improved since then. At the Circus on Saturday night, he launched a new parody at me, using Vixy and Tony as his delivery mechanism.

"I get paid to write a fairy tale:
Tinkerbell’s detective daughter,
Fourteen years of unread mail,
Like a fish out of the water..."

Oh, yeah. He went there.

"Deadline: About the Author" is set to the tune of "My Story Is Not Done," and contains spoilers for/references to the Newsflesh trilogy, the Toby Daye books, and Discount Armageddon. And it is hysterical.

Bob Kanefsky, I salute you.

I shall have my revenge.
rose marshall

If this song were country, it'd be about prisons, pickups, and pain...

...but this song ain't country. It's just another folk song about a train.

I am pleased as punch to announce that Rose Marshall—everybody's favorite hitchhiking ghost, although she's not likely to randomly follow you home from Disneyland—will be stepping out on another adventure. The story is called "Train Yard Blues," and it will be appearing in the anthology Coins of Chaos, out October 2013.

The nice thing about Rose is that there are huge gaps in her story, years and even decades where nothing has yet been written...and since she's basically impossible to kill, I can throw anything the ghostroads have to offer at her during those, ahem, dead spaces.

In "Train Yard Blues," we get our first clear look at another of the twilight ecologies: the ghostrails, where once the trainspotters ruled the world, before the rise of the roads to their current place of power. New ghosts, new dangers, and new rules are waiting, as Rose does her best to navigate a place she doesn't belong without finding herself in a world of hurt.

Coins of Chaos. Because my poor dead girl's life wasn't chaotic enough.