February 26th, 2012


From A to Z in the InCryptid Alphabet: S.

S is for SARAH.

Sarah Zellaby loves math, comic books, bad procedural dramas, and drinking hot ketchup mixed with orange juice and honey. And that's about where her dating profile goes off the rails (not that she dates, really; who wants to go out with a cryptid telepath who just looks like a cute geek girl?).

Sarah is a cuckoo.

She's never met her biological parents. They left her on the front porch of the Zellaby family of Cincinnati, Ohio when she was less than a week old, and the Zellabys took her in, believing that she was theirs. That's how cuckoos work. They leave their young in other nests, letting other people handle all the difficult, awkward parts of raising a child, and only come back when their precious babies inevitably turn on their human parents. There are very rarely survivors. Sadly for the Zellabys, they didn't survive; they were killed in a car crash when Sarah was still a little girl, leaving her to fend for herself.

She could have found a new human family. She could have found the cuckoos. Instead, she found Angela Baker, maybe the only non-homicidal cuckoo in the world, and her salvation.

Sarah grew up knowing that murder was wrong, which puts her well ahead of most of the cuckoos in her generation. She grew up with a family that loved her, no matter what she was, and with a strong sense of purpose.

Let's see how long that survives contact with the real world...and how long it takes for the cuckoos to come looking for their own.

Nine days. Here we go.

We are now, Amazon's reindeer games notwithstanding, nine days from the release of Discount Armageddon. I am surprisingly calm, I think because I got all my hysteria out of the way early last week, when I got dogpiled by trolls. It's kind of amazing how that will burn the fretting right out of a girl. Book's out in nine days? Anyone calling me things I can't bring myself to repeat in front of my mother? No? Then we're totally cool.

It's interesting to contrast right now with nine days to Rosemary and Rue, when I was, well...let's just say that food and I were not long-term acquaintances during the few weeks right before that book came out. I was a screaming puddle of neurosis. I still am, to a certain degree; I'm not going to pretend that I'm not worried. Will people like this book? Will they like the world? Will they understand why I needed to start this series now, rather than waiting another x years to finish Toby?

(I got so annoyed at Joss Whedon when he left Buffy to work on Firefly, and I still think both shows would have been better served if he had stuck out the end of Buffy Summers and her story before moving on. So I get that particular "hey!" reaction. But books and TV are different, and this is only slowing Toby down a little bit, not leaving her entirely without supervision.)

I want this book to do well, partially because, well, no one writes a book they're hoping to see fail, but also because I want to spend so much time in this world. I want to write the full stories of four different generations, and that's going to take time. That's going to take commitment, and not just from me.

But oh, I love this world. And in nine days, reindeer games aside, you get the chance to maybe hopefully love them, too.

Nine days.