February 23rd, 2012


From A to Z in the InCryptid Alphabet: P.

P is for PRICE.

Families are shaped by the worlds that they live in; nothing happens in a vaccum.

The Price family as we know it today began when Thomas Price, late of the Covenant of St. George, married Alice Healy, last survivor of the branch of the Healy family which began with Alexander and Enid Healy's departure from the Covenant. There's a reason the modern Covenant considers them "a lineage of traitors."

Alice and Thomas were happy. Not happy ever after, but happy long enough to have two children, even if Thomas never saw his daughter born. Their son, Kevin, went on to meet and marry a girl named Evelyn, who had been raised by unlikely adoptive parents: a cuckoo and a Revenant. Every family has its secrets, I suppose. Their daughter, Jane, tried three times to quit the family business, before marrying a nice man named Theodore Harrington. Pity he turned out to be an incubus...

Kevin and Evelyn had three children: Alexander, who specializes in reptile and psuedomammalian cryptids; Verity, who specializes in sapient city-dwelling cryptids; and Antimony, who specializes in explosives, pit traps, and driving everyone around her to distraction. The family has never been larger, and one focused air strike could still take them all out.

It's dangerous to be a Price...and there's a Price for everything.

An awkward situation, and a plea.

All right: here's the thing. Discount Armageddon is officially released March 6th. That's the date we've been talking about for months, that's the date you should be able to obtain the book, that's the date when sales begin counting against my first week numbers. Any books which escape into the wild before then count against my overall sales, but do not count for that all-important first week. Also, because I am number-based OCD, any books which escape into the wild before then make me feel sick, cry hysterically, and basically become non-functional with stress. It's THE BEST THING.

As of midnight Monday/the very beginning of Tuesday, Amazon has been shipping copies of Discount Armageddon. Consequentially, Barnes & Noble is doing the same thing. I haven't been saying anything because DAW is trying frantically to fix it, and I didn't want to drive sales to the sites which have chosen to release my book early. (I don't blame B&N for reacting when they saw that the book was on sale; they're a business, after all. But it's not helping my stress level any.) Please, please, do not buy my book early. I know it's hard. I know that the urge to have the shiny thing now is strong within us. I've ordered dolls from Japan and Australia, and DVD sets from Canada and the UK, for just this reason. But those things were legitimately released in the regions where I was ordering them, and Discount Armageddon has not been legitimately released anywhere at all. Please wait until March 6th. Don't punish independent bookstores, and local brick and mortar stores, for some computer's hard-to-fix mistake. Please. I am literally begging you here.

It doesn't help that so much of a book's success is measured by their first week. I've basically thrown up every time I thought about my week one numbers (including just now), because these early sales could mean the difference between a series and an accidental duology. It's unlikely—DAW is very loyal, and they stand by me—but it could happen, and I am very much worst-case-scenario girl when I'm this flipped out. So please. Do not buy early. Wait until March 6th.

And then there are the ebooks.

Both Amazon and B&N have put the physical edition of Discount Armageddon on sale, but are still holding the electronic edition for the actual release date. People who receive their physical books early are reaping the benefits of a fortuitous, author-breaking error. People who have to wait for their electronic books are not being denied anything; they're doing what was supposed to happen in the first place. This has not stopped the exciting emails from rolling in. They mostly stopped after the first day, but on that first day, I was called...

Collapse )

See, apparently, the ebooks are being withheld because I, personally, am trying to force everyone to buy my preferred format (physical). So sexual threats and relentless abuse are totally acceptable, because it just shows me the error of my ways.

I have nothing to do with the books being available early. I wish they weren't.

I have no control over whether the electronic editions are available early. I'm glad they're not, but it's not because I'm a greedy bitch; it's because I don't want any editions available early.

I am literally sick with stress, and this is not in any way helping. Please, don't buy my books before their actual release date. Please, don't place an order with a site which is offering my books before their actual release date. Please, don't call me horrible names because you can't have what you want the second that you want it.


(Because it must be said...comment amnesty. I'm already crying hard enough.)