December 14th, 2009

rose marshall

Productivity is tiring.

So in the last seventy-two hours, I have...

...finished "Good Girls Go To Heaven," the first Sparrow Hill Road story, and returned it to my editor for review. (I like to be early, so that there's time for me to be thoroughly edited.) I'll probably be starting "Dead Man's Party" in a day or so.

...finished "The Alchemy of Alcohol," my first-ever steampunk story (also my first story about Mina Norton, alchemist, bartender, and exceedingly cranky native of San Francisco). It was ludicrously fun to write. Mina is refreshingly annoyed.

...started "Gimme A 'Z'!"—which, as you can probably guess from the title, is the next adventure of the Fighting Pumpkins cheerleading squad. The wearing of little pleated orange and green skirts is clearly dangerous, given the trouble these girls manage to get themselves into.

...started "Slow," a much more viscerally upsetting zombie story. It's a zombie week here at Casa de Blonde.

...written way too much of Blackout, which probably explains why I have so many zombies on the brain right now. I love this series a lot. I'll love it even more when I get about another five thousand words on in the current book, since that will mean it's time to pause, consider, and process edits. (Yes, I really do schedule everything.)

...finished reviewing my page proofs for Feed. Alive or dead, the truth won't rest. Rise up while you can.

My new website will be going live real soon now, which means new material, including the Toby FAQ and the Sparrow Hill Road landing page. Watch this space for details. I am now going to go extract my Maine Coon from my purse.
the mourning edition

Word count -- DEADLINE.

Words: 4,297.
Total words: 81,336.
Reason for stopping: end of chapter fifteen.
Music: Moxy Fruvous.
Lilly and Alice: waiting for me to go to bed.

So I finally broke 80,000 words. In a very short period of time, I will break three hundred manuscript pages (the current manuscript paginates to two hundred and seventy-eight pages). Again going by Feed as my benchmark for "this is how long books in this series will trend," I have less than half the book left to go. I'm looking at about 45,000 to 50,000 more words, to say and do and accomplish everything that's left to say and do and accomplish.

Yes, I can do it.

Yes, it's going to hurt.

Yes, I set a very high bar for myself with Feed...but I think I can actually reach that bar again, with this book. Because some of the places it's going are painful as hell, and with something like this, that's a damn good sign.

Now we must rinse.