November 30th, 2009


Getting ready for December, one inch at a time.

Today is the last day of November, which means we're one month away from running out of 2009 entirely. I'm really not sure how I feel about this. I mean, on the one hand, it's nice to be past some of the more chaotic and horrible parts of the year. On the other hand, it feels a lot like I blinked and the year was over, which is never a particularly pleasant experience.

December is already slated to be a busy, busy month, with two events (one in San Francisco, one in Seattle), one trip out of state (again, Seattle), Alice's birthday, and a fairly hefty word count goal on Blackout. Just to add more hoot to my nanny, I'm also going to have a go at restarting my aerobic workouts, since I really miss Richard Simmons (he's the freaky little glittery monkey man of my heart, yo). On the plus side, endorphins make you happy, and happy authors just don't kill their editors.

I'll put up the voting for the best pics-with-pets entries into the A Local Habitation ARC contest later today. There were some really amazing entries, and I'm crazy-glad not to be choosing the winner by myself. I think my head might actually explode if I tried. (Not a pretty sight.) Voting will remain open through Sunday, December 6th, at which point I'll announce the winners and solicit mailing addresses. The usual "if I don't get an address in twenty-four hours, I will move on to the next possible winner" applies, so if you're an entrant, please be sure to either check back here or have someone check for you on Monday, December 7th.

2010 is starting to fill up fast—because there's a real surprise—and I think I may be approaching the official "no more conventions this year, so sorry" point. I now have three during the month of July (the most wonderful time of the year), and that strikes me as a sign that it may be time to take a nap instead. I'll post my full schedule here and on the website shortly.

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend, and that your cats were less clingy and shedtastic than mine.

A LOCAL HABITATION ARC giveaway #2: the voting post!

Winnowing down the number of amazing entries we got on the second ALH ARC giveaway was borderline impossible. So I selected my five favorites, solicited favorites from a few friends who didn't have entries, and let the random number generator fill out the rest. Please vote for your favorite picture or pictures; winners will be announced on Monday, December 7th.

Since we got such an amazing range and variety of entries, I'm going to expand the number prizes to four. First place gets first pick, second place gets second pick, and so on. The prizes are:

* An ARC of A Local Habitation.
* A copy of Rosemary and Rue (which I am happy to sign to someone else, if the winner wants it to be a gift).
* Two signed cover flats of A Local Habitation.

And now...the voting!

Vote for your favorite pictures!

sister_bluebird comes to the party with blue rats and candy corn.
...and also a very orange snake.
ttamsen posed the book with live chickens. For serious.
jacylrin has a pet for every taste. Including a hermit crab.