October 29th, 2009


State of the blonde.

Hey, guys. Sorry to have been so incredibly scarce recently. Between the Ohio Valley Filk Festival, going through the page proofs for Feed (which killed no fewer than four pads of Post-It notes), getting ready for World Fantasy, and trying to finish a variety of projects before deadline, it's been hectic squared around my place, resulting in a lot of things slipping. (Ironically, my viewing of America's Next Top Model and conquest of "Plants vs. Zombies" are not among the things which have slipped. This is because skinny crazy girls and plant-eating undead don't require all that much thought, while composing a coherent blog entry does.)

So what's been going on? Well, for starters, I have my Advance Review Copies of A Local Habitation, and they're flat-out gorgeous. I'd take a picture of Alice with the books, so you could get an idea of how big she's gotten, but unfortunately, she killed the camera a while ago, and it has yet to be replaced. Seriously, I love these books. I also blush a lot when I look at them, because the back cover and inside page are covered with quotes about Rosemary and Rue being awesome. I always sort of envied authors who got that much good press, and now I am that author. It's weirdly quantum. The Great Pumpkin loves me so.

(Before y'all ask, yes, we will be having a few ARC giveaways. Watch this space for further developments.)

The cats have greatly enjoyed my week off from work. This will not make them any more forgiving when I disappear for the entire weekend, but at least I don't feel quite so neglectful. Alice has been thoroughly brushed, and Lilly "helped" me kill zombies for about an hour last night, by sitting on my lap and occasionally attacking the mouse.

Hope y'all are having a fabulous Halloween season, and that all your bonfires are smoky, your jack-o-lanterns spooky, and your black cats sleek and strange.

Quick review roundup before I vanish.

It makes me a little sniffly to realize that soon, we'll have the last Rosemary and Rue review roundup, because we'll be moving fully into A Local Habitation. I think I learned a lot between the two books; I think I definitely improved as a writer; I believe that people who liked the first one will be happy with the commonalities and even happier with the differences. All that being said, here are today's reviews:

Spoiled For Books has written a lovely and nicely detailed review, and says "Rosemary and Rue is fast paced and full of action, just what I like best. There is a hint of romance, but not much of it, and I suspect it will be many more books before the romance flowers into something tangible." Yay!

Suzanne, over at Responses to My Reading, has also written a nice, detailed review, which includes speculation about where the series might be going (there are no actual spoilers here for any of the future books, and some of the spec made me giggle quite a bit). The review is structured so as to be somewhat difficult to quote, but is thoughtful and thorough, and I'm happy.

Our final review for today comes from Faith Adeline, of Faith Adeline Reviews. Naturally. Well, she definitely does review, so the advertising is accurate. She says "Rosemary and Rue is a strong debut novel, and I hope the rest of the series lives up to it." (Trust me, so do I.) She also says "I'm definitely looking forward to reading the sequels, I'm sad the next novel doesn't come out until March!"

That's all for today. When I get back from World Fantasy, we'll start with the ARC giveaways and the gear-up toward A Local Habitation!