October 17th, 2009


Bottles and bottles of pumpkin perfume.

So I recently agreed to autograph and mail back a book that was mailed to me, because hey, it seemed like a cool thing to do, and nobody had ever asked me to do that before (and since the book was being mailed with the cost of postage enclosed, it's not like I was giving up a day's Diet Dr Pepper for the sake of randomly mailing things). I was rewarded by the book's owner—also a Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab fan, albeit one who does not share my adoration of their pumpkin perfumes—enclosing surprise BPAL. Specifically, surprise Pumpkin Patch 2006. SURPRISE!

The 2006 Pumpkin Patch was my Very First BPAL. It was a gift from Kate, who thought I would like it. She was right, as my shelf o' bottles of weird perfume can now attest. I bought the 2007 Pumpkin Patch for myself. And the 2008 Pumpkin Patch. And recently, thanks to a "please help me buy more perfume"-based art sale, the 2009 Pumpkin Patch. Oh, and I have a bottle of Jack, and a bottle of Pumpkin Queen. So, counting my new bottles, and the extra bottle of Pumpkin-with-Pomegranate that I got Just In Case (tm), I have...

...twenty-nine bottles of pumpkin-based perfume. Not counting my assorted imps and decants and suchlike.

I think this is sufficient pumpkin perfume to make my declaration of being Pumpkin Queen of California entirely believable, and actually a bit of an unnecessary statement. Because I am so the Pumpkin Queen. I have the spooky perfume to prove it.