October 11th, 2009


Also, there will be tea.

My original plans for today, which centered around bad horror movies and lounging about, fell through when my date for the afternoon was forced to cancel for reasons outside his control (something about "surprise apartment inspection" inspired him to think he should stay home and tidy). Since I'd previously been making grumpy noises about missing the book release party for Gail Carriger's Soulless [Amazon]|[Mysterious Galaxy], I decided that this was the universe hinting that I damn well ought to go off and get some books signed already. Thus was it decided: a lazy Sunday in San Francisco for me!

I departed early enough to seek out and indulge in the sweet fruits of Dynamo Donuts, San Francisco's answer to Voodoo Donut. Sadly, they didn't have the pumpkin spice donut, or the bacon donut, but I salved my wounded sensibility with a chocolate rose donut (Luna would approve), and made my way to Borderlands for the event. I made it easily in time, and snagged a few extra copies to have signed for friends (as well as the next two books in the Weather Wardens series, because I am a greedy blonde sometimes). Taking a seat, I settled to enjoy the event.

The author herself was introduced by the inimitable Jude, who punished me for some unspoken slight by calling out my presence in the audience. (It was actually very sweet, as she said that Soulless was one of "only two first novels this year" that garnered huge amounts of excitement, the other being Rosemary and Rue, "whose author, Seanan McGuire, is sitting there looking unobtrusive." So I failed my stealth roll. Probably the bright orange coat didn't help.)

The lovely Ms. Carriger was smartly dressed, witty, and sweet, and read a passage from Soulless before submitting to questions and signing. I had all three of the books I had with me signed, and chatted a bit about editors at Orbit before moving on. She hadn't realized I was also Mira Grant. The world, she is very small. There was a full tea service. I, being me, didn't drink any tea—blech—but did eat some very tasty tea cookies. People hung out for a while, being chatty, and then mostly dispersed, leaving me and a sweet lady named Andrea to chatter at Jude and Jeremy as we helped to tidy and amused the cat.

It was a good, easy Sunday, and I highly recommend Soulless (review to come in a bit; suffice to say that it made me laugh out loud). If you want an autographed copy of your very own, Borderlands does ship, and would be happy to sell you one. Just call the store and ask.

Life, as they say, is good.