September 28th, 2009


Things about which I am excited this week.

1) The new Kelley Armstrong comes out tomorrow! Frostbitten [Amazon]|[Mysterious Galaxy] is the tenth book in her Women of the Otherworld series, and the fourth (!) to feature Clayton and Elena. Now, Elena's not my favorite narrator—that honor is reserved for Paige, with Jaime coming in a close second—but her books are always exciting reads, and Armstrong definitely knows how to tell a story. I'm super-excited (and not just because she gave me a kick-ass cover blurb).

2) Oh, wow! Is it finally time for the major publisher hardcover edition of David Wong's John Dies at the End [Amazon]|[Mysterious Galaxy]?! It so totally is! John Dies at the End started as an Internet serial, became a limited-run paperback from Permuted Press, and is now a glorious hardcover packed with horror, comedy, excitement, and the dreaded soy sauce. I love this book. Now you can actually own it. You're so lucky.

3) Dexter is back! Glorious, glorious, amazing Dexter. Michael C. Hall, how you fulfill me.

4) Actually, while I'm talking TV, here are all the other shows I follow that are back on the air (presented in alphabetical order, for the sake of my sanity): America's Next Top Model, Big Bang Theory, Bones, Castle, Fringe, Glee, NCIS, Numb3rs, So You Think You Can Dance, and Supernatural. Basically, I am awash in televised goodness.

5) Whip It comes out on Friday. I have to say, there is no bad in a world that can combine Ellen Paige with roller derby. No bad at all. Hopefully, it'll take the nasty taste of the recent Fame remake out of my mouth.

So that's what I'm excited about this week. What are you excited about?

Rosemary reviews, news, and interviews.

First up, some exciting Rosemary and Rue-related news: namely, it's going to be October's book of the month at Genreville. Genreville is an exciting genre-focused blog hosted by Publishers Weekly, moderated by some really awesome folks. I couldn't be happier.

If you've been waiting for an interview with me that dared to ask the really bizarre questions, you should take a look at this fun, flippant interview conducted by Jonathan Fesmire. Jon's a dear friend of mine, and I was his "maiden voyage" into the world of interviewing authors. Let's see if future interviews stay this surreal.

The nice folks over at BSC (a blog with the endearing subtitle of "Because We Said It") posted this charmingly detailed and lengthy review. Quoth the reviewer, "Rosemary and Rue combines mystery and fantasy to very good effect, making this book fast-paced and full of action. It's very nice to see an urban fantasy book that doesn’t include the modern trend towards paranormal romance." Also: "I would definitely recommend this book for fans of urban fantasy, as well as readers who don’t mind well-mixed genres." Yay!

Also in today's review roundup, the Suburban Banshee posted this awesome review, including such delicious quotes as "This is real urban fantasy, in short, and not the McDonald’s equivalent that’s been crowding the shelves for the last few years. Buy it, buy it, buy it, before the last few copies disappear from your bookstore." (If you could make those last few copies disappear, I'd be ever so grateful...)

Finally, I give you the review that made me squeal like I'd just been named Prom Queen at the Geek Prom, where the pig's-blood shower is a perk, not a problem: Rosemary and Rue has been reviewed on IO9. It's a long, detailed, and best of all, fair and balanced review which neither paints me perfect nor positions me for pillory. Charlie Jane is awesome that way, and says—among other things, you should really read it—"After exploring McGuire's fairy city for one dark murder mystery, I'm on board for more, and looking forward to seeing how October's tangled web of allegiances and obligations plays out over the course of the next few books."

I win at geek.