September 20th, 2009


Editor love is about the cleanest love there is.

Today, I'm processing edits to The Brightest Fell (Toby five) and Lycanthropy and Other Personal Issues. Because whiplash is AWESOME. (Actually, I find working on edits for two totally dissimilar projects at the same time strangely soothing. It means that when my eyes start to cross, I can just switch files and let the other book work the kinks out.

Today's gem from the proofing mines comes by way of Vixy, who comments:

"I don't usually get involved with lagoon maintenance, but I think "seriously" might be a candidate for alligator chow."

Isn't that sweet? She's worried about the health of the alligators in Brooke's lagoon! This is really why my proofing pool works so well. They really care about one another. And I'm starting to think that our cute school mascot may be the alligator.