September 10th, 2009


Quick notes for a Thursday morning.

1. I am about to head off for some fairly major full-anesthesia dental surgery. Why does this matter to you? This matters to you because my computer and my bed are in the same room, and it's entirely possible that I'll roll out from under the covers and decide to be...interactive. Please ignore any...interaction...for the next twenty-four hours, as I will be recovering from sedation, and know not what I say.

2. Alice woke me up by hopping onto my chest and trilling in my ear, only to run like the wind as soon as I showed signs of movement. Behold the sensibility and calm of the teenage Maine Coon.

3. The fall TV season is getting blessedly underway. I, for one, welcome the return of our Winchester overlords. Mmm, Sam and Dean. Actually, just mmm, Dean. How I've missed you. Never leave me like this again.

Mom just showed up to get me to the dentist, so these quick notes are even quicker than originally intended. In the meanwhile, drop by jimhines's place to see the LEGO HORROR CASTLE ZOMG.

That is all.