September 5th, 2009


Rosemary and reviews, weekend edition.

Today's edition of the Rosemary and Rue review roundup opens with a lovely LJ review by kyleri, who says, "I devoured it. I Could Not Stop. Now, I'm a voracious reader, but usually I'll at least stop to go to the bathroom." She also says "She sucked me in, with a headlong pace, gracefully-inserted worldbuilding, and a cast of clearly-delineated, frequently sympathetic characters." I am well-pleased by this assessment.

Meanwhile, my local paper, the Contra Costa Times, ran a somewhat more critical, but still complimentary, review. Quoth the reviewer, "although I'm not a big fan of urban fantasy, I have to confess the pages turned rapidly as Toby Daye tried to solve the murder of a pureblood Faerie who lived in San Francisco." (He also says "she delivers three hundred and sixty pages of pain, suffering and confusion," but I consider that a feature, not a bug.) Check it out!

Dave Brendon has posted a review of his own, saying "As Urban Fantasy goes, Seanan has crafted a fun, intense and inventive read that’s sure to have you flipping through the pages until the wayyy early hours—you might even set the book down and then wonder why you’re hearing the early worm-catching birds!" and "reading this novel is a sure way to be submerged in the coolest faerie culture you never knew existed." He also says "If you like your faeries to be cool and city-smart and your tales intelligent and fast-paced, you will probably enjoy this book!" Well, I definitely enjoyed this review!

ravenclawed's review is short and sweet enough that if I quote it, you'll see the whole thing. Check it out. Ditto stormsdotter's review over in the Pandemonium Books community.

Donna over at Urban Fantasy has posted her review of Rosemary and Rue, and says "Toby is a refreshing urban fantasy heroine, because she’s not too powerful or perfect" and "The story is a good mix of intrigue and action, and there are a few twists that took me by surprise. The setting is detailed and has a lot of potential. Toby visits the courts and domains of various fae, and she also spends time in a changeling dive that feels a little like a sleazy imitation of the full-blood courts. Each place has a distinct, solid feel, and makes me want to see more of the world than we’ve been exposed to so far." It's a well-written review, and I couldn't be happier.

If you've been wondering what Toby thinks about all this fuss, well, Jezebel (yes, the retired succubus) managed to sneak her out while I wasn't looking, and the resulting interview is now live over on Cat and Muse. In case you're wondering, she lies. She lies like a rug. I am a sweet, innocent paragon of authorial kindness, and I don't understand what she's complaining about.

That's everything for today. Enjoy your holiday weekend!

Borderlands Books tonight! Be there!

Hey, folks! Just a friendly reminder that tonight is the Rosemary and Rue event at San Francisco's very own Borderlands Books! Featuring live music by Kitten Sundae, Brooke Lunderville, and Amy McNally, an awesome raffle of awesomeness, Pollidori Chocolates original truffles, naked cats, and so much more, we're planning to blow the doors off the place.

Tonight's schedule:

5:00 PM: Welcome to our party.
5:40 PM: Perhaps you would like some music.
6:00 PM: Perhaps you would like to win things.
7:00 PM: More music?
7:30 PM: More prizes?
7:45 PM: Assuming people are not too busy eating cookies, Seanan will read something.
8:30 PM: Last music of the night.
8:50 PM: Last chance to give the bookstore money before we say goodnight.
9:00 PM: Last raffle drawing of the night and we close the evening.

You do not have to be present to win, but you do need to have someone holding your ticket and ready to claim a prize for you. Prizes will be on the table, and can be claimed as winners are called.

I hope you can come!