August 24th, 2009


Rosemary and reviews, and interviews.

Let's open today's edition of the review post with something a little different: an interview! The charming and delightful Debbie Ohi interviewed me for her Inkygirl website, which is a fantastic resource for writers at every level of the professional scale. I had a great time chatting with Debbie, and I'm so, so thrilled to have been able to contribute to Inkygirl on some level. Check it out!

Mish posted this sweet mini-review based on the DAW sampler, and I really hope the rest of the book can live up to the expectations it managed to raise. To quote:

"So far I've really liked or loved McGuire's writing, which is witty, intelligent, imaginative, and thoroughly enjoyable. Imagery swirls around the reader as they're drawn into the story. With an eerie knack for portraying the grim, McGuire is able to create original stories, which isn't easily or often done."

I am pleased. I am also a featured release at White Dwarf Books. Life is pretty good.

The ever-charming wendyzski has posted a glowing review in which she helpfully points out that book two is out in only six months. Insanity for me, a lot less time to wait for you. So that's a good thing. Meanwhile, kyleri has also posted a review, thus making this a week rich with good things. See also: "She sucked me in, with a headlong pace, gracefully-inserted worldbuilding, and a cast of clearly-delineated, frequently sympathetic characters."

The wonderful Kristen, over at the Fantasy Cafe, has posted a lengthy and thoughtful review of Rosemary and Rue. Quick quotes:

"Though this is the first book in a series, there was a satisfying conclusion without any major cliffhangers. However, there were definite hints of things to come that made me eager to read the next book."


"Rosemary and Rue was a solidly entertaining debut novel, although it did not get me involved in the story immediately. However, I liked the characters and world well enough that I reached the end wishing I had the next book available."

I'm going to chalk that up to the "win" column for the week, because I can.

There's a relatively short review from Kimberley Swan over at Darque Reviews, and she says "This story should appeal to fans that enjoy their fantasy with a large dose of mystery." Works for me.

And that's the day in reviews!