August 22nd, 2009


Sleepy in Seattle.

I have arrived safe and sound in Seattle, Washington, where my beloved vixyish collected me from the airport (with two bottles of Diet Dr Pepper in her hands, Great Pumpkin, I love that woman) and toted me back to the welcoming confines of the Agora, home of the better part of the zoo. There was chatter and cheer and hanging out with her, Tony, and Torrey before everyone went hieing themselves off to bed in their respective soft flat places, and many hours of darkness descended over everyone.

As I type this, I am, once again, the only person even remotely awake in my general vicinity; ah, the perils of being a morning person. I've got The Brightest Fell open in another window, and will sit on the downstairs sofa, contentedly plugging away, until it's time to go to the Farmer's Market and begin a whirlwind Seattle Saturday.

Hope your day looks to be as wonderful and filled with love and light as mine is, and if not, hope you at least get cake. Mmm, cake.