August 17th, 2009


Monday morning footnotes.

1. BART is not on strike. I would say "yay, the unions reached a settlement," but since I left Lilly alone with my Internet-equipped computer just before the strike was called off, I'm going to opt for "yay, my Siamese is not fire-bombing the California coastline to protest Mommy not coming home for a week." Don't mess with the Siamese. You will regret it.

2. Fourteen days. Just saying.

3. My new Netbook is a joy and a wonder, except when it's royally fucking stuff up. Most recently, it has elected to royally fuck up the .ms of Red Hood's Revenge that I was giving a quick polish for Jim. I'm attempting file recovery now, and if that doesn't work, I'll just go through the .ms a second time. Thankfully, it was relatively clean.

4. Also thankfully, my Netbook did not elect to royally fuck up the latest draft of The Brightest Fell (Toby Daye, book five). This is A Very Good Thing. I would be substantially less sanguine about that particular rewrite. There might be screaming, and possibly the eating of human flesh. Mmmm, human flesh.

5. The incredibly awesome stick insect that has been sticking to Kate and GP's front door frame for the last few weeks was gone this morning when I went out to meet the bus. I wish him all good things in his future endeavors, and hope that he is not inside the house, preparing to crawl into someone's ear.

6. I have decided that I don't like second books in trilogies that don't admit to being trilogies when I pick them up. There will be more on this later.

7. I want a nap.

How's by you?

Okay. Advise me.

I have a few more ARCs to give away, and I'm stumped. So how should I give them away? (Hint: saying "give them to me" will actually not endear you, unless you finish that sentence with "I do all the buying for a major bookstore" or something similar, and can present credentials.) Have you got a favorite review site? Have I missed a contest? Should I abandon them on BART cars? What?

Propose anything. I am open to the crazy.

EDIT: So it's said, the "abandon on BART cars" option was a joke. I won't do anything that involves releasing ARCs into the wild, outside the bounds of the standard social contract, with no idea where they went. Not okay.

Gems from the proofing mines.

So I'm in the middle of a super-fast clean-and-jerk on Feed, before I kick it back to my editor. I'm processing comments tonight, and just got this little beauty from Brooke, referring to my tendency to occasionally lean on unnecessary modifiers:

"LARGELY. I wish to efficiently move you on a collision-free path to AN ALLIGATOR'S GULLET."

I love my proofers. I love them so hard.

That is all.


Words: 11,897
Total words: 23,633.
Reason for stopping: I'm at the end of chapter six, and it's time for bed. Also, not all 11k was done in one sitting.
Music: last week's episode of Mental.
Lilly and Alice: licking my elbow, and parts unknown, respectively.

So I am now six chapters into the process of yanking the existing text of book five—foolishly written before the final revision of book four—into line with the finalized continuity. It's definitely weird to be deeply involved with the fifth book in a series when everyone else is just starting to get into the first one. I would say "never again," but I've met me, so that would just be asking for trouble.

Anyway, The Brightest Fell is a lot of fun, and I'm hoping its existence reassures people who are just now finding out I exist that no, really, I plan to stick with this series until it's finished. (Also that this really isn't a trilogy. Trilogies are great. I'm writing a trilogy. But trilogies come with certain literary conventions that aren't honored by A Local Habitation, so the more I can convince people that it's "book two," not "the middle book," the better.)

I make progress! I dance the dance of joy. And now I sleep.