July 16th, 2009


Auction to benefit the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Now, it's really no secret around here that I love jimhines dearly. He was one of the first DAW authors to reach out to me and say "welcome to the family" (andpuff doesn't count, since we've known each other for years). He's been supportive, sane, and willing to pat me on the head when I'm flailing hysterically. Since we share an editor, this may have been born partly out of the desire to have me not drive said editor insane, but I try to interpret things positively.

Jim is a nice guy. That's one of the best things about him. That he's just a damned nice guy. And he's auctioning off an ARC of The Mermaid's Madness, sequel to The Stepsister Scheme, to benefit the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

It's a good cause. It's a good book. And he's a damn good guy.

Rosemary and reviews, as the beat goes on.

djonn decided to surprise me with another stealth review of Rosemary and Rue. He liked it! I am glad. (I don't assume my friends will enjoy my book, because that would be silly. I admit that it's a little more exciting when people I don't know like my book, but that's just because I know the total strangers have no reason to soft-shoe when I suck. My friends would at least find a nice way to say "wow, sweetie, you got punched in the face by the stupid fairy this morning, didn't you?")

Lurva ala Mode was one of the first sites to pick up on the news about the Toby Daye books, and did an absolutely glowing new author spotlight a few months back. Well, their review of Rosemary and Rue has just gone live, and it's awesome. I fully support any review that says people need to look for Rosemary and Rue on shelves on September 1st. Remember, buy early, buy often, help me keep my cats in scratching posts.

It's a good day.

Seeking questions which are asked frequently.

So I'm in the process of (once again) revamping and updating my FAQs, partially because I'm getting more writing questions (yay!), and partially because I need to be prepared to split the Toby questions off into their own FAQ somewhere around October 15th. Bearing this in mind, what do folks think I should add to my FAQ section? The current categories are...

...horror movie survival.

The horror survival FAQ may wind up moved over to Mira Grant's site once it gets up and running, just so we'll have content there; I don't know yet. I'm not taking questions for a Toby FAQ yet, because so few people have been able to read it, and any questions beyond the very simple ones already on the site would be spoilery.

What should I be answering? Ask away!