July 13th, 2009


I...I...holy cats, people, IT'S A BOOK.

Rosemary and Rue was just reviewed by Publishers Weekly.

To quote (just a little, although wow do I wanna quote a lot more), "Well researched, sharply told, highly atmospheric and as brutal as any pulp detective tale, this promising start to a new urban fantasy series is sure to appeal to fans of Jim Butcher or Kim Harrison."

There is absolutely no way this football is being yanked away from me.

Holy cats.

My initial WorldCon schedule!

I've been asked "Gosh, Seanan, where are you going to be during the Montreal WorldCon?" Since "Canada" isn't actually a helpful reply, here is my initial schedule. It's still subject to change, and I'll post again closer to the convention.


2:00 PM: Improv Workshop. Step one, land in Canada. Step two, get off the plane. Step three, conduct an improv workshop. Oh, this should be fascinating. I may fall asleep while pretending to pretend to be a tree.
4:00 PM: Did You Know...? Filk trivia with me and Mark Bernstein. And my jetlag. My jetlag will be an active participant. It'll be interesting, even if it isn't terribly coherent.


7:00 PM: Panel in the Pool. The description reads "What would dolphins do? What side of the road would cephalopods prefer? Do they make screwdrivers for right-handed octopuses? The panel, in the deep end with lead boots, discusses aquatic intelligences." I'm hoping they don't actually intend to drown me, as I believe murder is illegal in Canada, but I'm happy to talk about squid for an hour. I'm a cheap date like that.


10:00 AM: Author Signing. Behold! If you bring me things, I'll sign them!
12:30 PM: Author Reading. I'll be participating in a ninety-minute group reading with Laura Anne Gilman, Margaret Ronald, and Stephanie Bedwell-Grime. I've never met two of the three before. This should be fun.
2:30 PM: Concert: Stone Dragons and Seanan McGuire. We each get a forty-five minute set. I think the Stone Dragons are going first, which puts me on at 3:15 PM. Dave Weingart is my stunt guitarist.
8:00 PM: The Future of Horror Movies. Heh. Heh. Heh...


12:00 PM: Songwriting Workshop. We're going to be talking about songwriting, different approaches to songwriting, and other musical things. And then I'm going to be running to the airport.

So I'm presently rather lightly scheduled, and that suits me juuuuuust fine. I may wind up added to additional items; if that happens, I'll sing out and let you know.

Reviews, ARC giveaways with review prizes, it's a big party.

I'm a guest blogger over at The League of Reluctant Adults! A loose confederacy of urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and gonzo magical realism authors, the League is sort of one of the super-teams of the genre. Not like the Justice League. More like that one team that had Squirrel Girl on it.

Anyway, if you head over to the League, comment on my guest post, and get lucky, you could win both a) an ARC of Rosemary and Rue, and b) the privilege of having your review posted on the League's site for everyone to see! It's a gamble! A gamble with awesome!

Here in the land of reviews I've already received...

antigoneschase posted a lovely and heartfelt review over in her blog, and you should totally admire her awesome.

paradisacorbasi managed to post the first totally stealth review I've received—she managed to keep the fact that she'd gotten hold of an ARC secret until her review was ready! World of wow!

It's an awesome, and frantic, week around these parts, I swear.