July 12th, 2009


Word count -- The Brightest Fell.

Words: 8,165.
Total words: 8,165.
Reason for stopping: have reached the end of chapter two.
Music: the random shuffle and my Toby play list.
Lilly and Alice: asleep on my bed and God-knows where, respectively.

How do I celebrate finishing with the fourth Toby Daye book and never needing to look at it again (except for reference purposes, and editorial, and oh, yeah, when I inevitably reread it to keep the events fresh in my head)? By starting to revise book five to bring it into line with the changes in the continuity, of course! Because that is the insane way in which my crazy little blonde brain works.

I'm doing the word counts based on the rewritten text, rather than the total existing text, because I honestly have no idea how much of this book is going to be pitched out my bedroom window over the course of the next few months. Still, eight thousand words is nothing to sneeze at, and it's definitely something to start with.