July 3rd, 2009


The first lines meme.

Stolen from a variety of sources, many of which didn't explain the meme; I had to backtrack to confirm that yes, what it wants is the first line of any and all of your works in progress.

Oh, you poor fools.

Long-form works.

"The downtown San Francisco Safeway was almost deserted."—Late Eclipses, Toby Daye book four.

"The sword swung for my face in a hard, fast arc."—The Brightest Fell, Toby Daye book five.

"Our story opens where countless stories have ended in the last twenty-seven years: with an idiot—in this case, Rebecca Atherton, the head of the After the End Times Irwins, three-time winner of the Golden Steve-o Award for valor in the face of the undead—deciding it would be a good idea to go out and poke a zombie with a stick to see what happens."—Blackout.

"Boys get weirder when they hit puberty."—Lycanthropy and Other Personal Issues.

"The whole concept of 'conservation of mass' is dependent on the belief that matter is somehow stable."—Sit, Stay, I Hate You.

"Verity danced circles around the living room, amateurish pirouettes and half-practiced leaps accompanied by cheers and exultations from the horde of Aeslin mice clustered on the back of the couch."—Discount Armageddon.

"There was nothing unique about the little house on Cherrybrook Way."—Babylon Archer and the Unmarked Path.

"I know that I swore I’d never use my special birthday journal with the real gold leaf on the cover and the glitter in the paper until I landed a recurring role on a daytime soap opera or married one of the Jonas Brothers, but I can’t find my regular journal anywhere, and this is an emergency."—Upon A Star.

"Beyond the edge of the world that men understand—the world that men believe in—there is another world, half-forgotten and slowly fading away, worn down by the passage of years and weakened by enemies from both without and within."—Babylon Archer and the Forgotten Kingdom.

"My face is presently being displayed on every television set and billboard in North America, my iguana ate half my toast because it had raspberry jam on it, and I still have unexplained traumatic amnesia, which makes me a) the likely suspect of a Lifetime Movie of the Week, assuming anyone is ever insane enough to dare a major movie studio’s battalion of bloodthirsty attack lawyers, and b) very, very happy, as my blissful inability to remember the past two years of my life means that I am probably not going to succumb to the siren-song of the Dark Side of the Force any time soon."—Shining Star.

"If you have found this journal, please mail it to the address above, which I’ve included to keep this journal from going the way of the last six."—Chasing St. Margaret.

"Jonathan Healy died screaming."—untitled InCryptid project.

Short fiction.

"Anthony was nine years old the first time he saw the vampire."—Anthony's Vampire.

"Please be aware that we here at Polytechnic Engineering and Research practice non-discrimination in our hiring policies."—Office Memos.

"Everyone’s got something that they’re just plain good at."—Applejack Tucker Learns to Play the Banjo.

"Maybe Mama raised a few fools—I can’t speak for my father, never having met the man—but I’m not proud."—Pixie Season.

...according to this list, I need to write more short stories. Okay!
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