June 30th, 2009


The random numbers have been generated...

...and we have our winner. Will poelaramont please pick up the white courtesy telephone, and tell me where to mail an ARC of Rosemary and Rue? If I don't hear from you in seventy-two hours, I will draw another number.

Thanks to everyone who commented. It's good to know that the lure of free stuff remains strong!

When will you rise?

It is my considerable pleasure, absolute delight, and no small amount of awed bafflement, to announce that the Mason trilogy has been sold in a three book deal to Orbit, with concurrent publication by Orbit UK. They will be published beginning in 2010, with Feed (working title: Newsflesh) coming out sometime mid-year. All three books will be published under the name "Mira Grant," my shiny new open pseudonym. I have a pseudonym and a horror series. You have absolutely no concept of how much this makes me feel like Stephen King right now.

We sold the Mason books. Alive or dead, the truth won't rest.

Rise up while you can.

(PS: Please don't ask "why the title change" or "why the pseudonym" on this post. I'll post explaining both when I get over sitting here looking stunned and giggling to myself.)