June 28th, 2009


Another review; still life with blue cats.

I went to sleep last night with a puffy blue Maine Coon guarding my doorway and a sleek blue Siamese stretched next to me on the bed. The Siamese was using a plush blue-ringed octopus as a pillow, and back-dropped by Halloween pillowcases. When I woke, the Maine Coon was puddled on the bright pumpkin-fucker orange cat tree.

I have the life I always said I'd have someday.

Oh, it has complications I didn't necessarily bank on when I was plotting it out, since I didn't understand things like "herniated disks" and "actually having too many books" when I was nine, but for the most part? I sleep in a room that looks like the inside of a pumpkin, I have four shelves of My Little Ponies and two shelves loaded with stuffed toys, I own so many books that re-reading steadily for a year wouldn't mean getting through them all, and I have both the cat I've always wanted (Lilly) and the cat I never knew I needed (Alice). And I write books, and people read them, and it's amazing.

For example, kyrielle read Rosemary and Rue.

I was chatting with my friend Adam last night (his books, How to Get Suspended and Influence People [Amazon] and Pirates of the Retail Wasteland [Amazon] are delightfully accurate flashbacks to my own days in the public school honors system), and he said that reviews never cease to be scary, since you don't know until you read them whether they'll be positive, negative, or written by angry mushroom people from Dimension X. But they never cease to be exciting, either.

Life is pretty damn good. How's yours?