June 27th, 2009


Oh, those wicked girls, how they fly...

I was just on YouTube (I admit, watching videos from the current season of So You Think You Can Dance, because I am a weak blonde in some ways), and did the fairly random "let's see if any of my key words pops up on this site." And, well, some of my words did.

So here is the video recording of "Wicked Girls," as performed at DucKon 2009 (this particular performance will also be on the official DVD being released by the convention, although probably not this specific video). Featuring SJ Tucker on the djembe and backing vocals infinitely more amazing than I realized until I watched the playback; Vixy on lead vocals; me on lead vocals (I'm the blonde one in the middle); Tony Fabris on guitar; and Amy McNally on the invisible violin, as she is totally blocked by Tony. There's some clipping, especially on the louder parts of the song, but overall, I'm stunned by how well it went.


This specific stream's version of "Still Catch the Tide" (by Talis Kimberley) is also gorgeous.