June 26th, 2009


Stay in the car -- this is reviewing country.

Look! More reviews!

From k_crow, we have a lengthy review that's been cross-posted nigh unto everywhere. This makes me happy, as the review is made of win.

From Becky, owner of Village Books, we have an awesome bookseller review, complete with being written by someone I've never met.

Finally (for now), from s00j, we have a long, sweet, poetic review that says many nice things. She used the LJ tag "that which does not suck." The review falls into the same category.

Given that it's June and the book comes out September 1st, I think reviews are starting to arrive at a very good pace.

Life is awesome.

A world in need of wicked girls.

So—for a variety of reasons—I've had the song "Wicked Girls Saving Ourselves" stuck in my head for roughly a week now. This has started to drive me insane. Consequentially, I spent a good chunk of yesterday composing new verses, just so I'd be singing something different. I found this so entertaining that I've decided to make it a party game (yes, this is now officially a party). Give me a girl from folklore, myth, literature, or hell, modern media, and if I have a clue of who she is, I'll write a verse.

A few rules:

1. Fictional people only. Real people go in the bridge, and I already re-write that every time we do the song live.
2. One girl per customer.
3. Jean Grey is not eligible.
4. Don't make me come over there.

Game on!...and now, game off. I already have more than I can handle, and I can't handle no more. Thanks for all the great suggestions, and please don't provide any additional girls for consideration in today's admissions.

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