June 24th, 2009


Rosemary and reviews!

ladyqkat has posted a bubbly and enthusiastic review of Rosemary and Rue, which is something that pretty much always makes me happy.

canadianevil has posted a slightly longer and more detailed review, which is something else that pretty much always makes me happy, and hopes we'll be seeing more of the less-central fae races in the books to come. O people of the world, you so have no idea...

These things are pleasing unto me, and a good way to begin a morning. Also pleasing unto me: this Diet Dr Pepper.

It's good to be easy to please.

ROSEMARY AND RUE giveaway #5!

How better to conclude the month of June—and start the real countdown to publication—than with one last ARC giveaway? (Note: this doesn't mean "last ever," it means "last in June," because my paperwork would get out of control if I tried to run more than one between now and July.) Now, you've all been expending a lot of effort in your attempts to win a copy of Rosemary and Rue, which I appreciate greatly. I appreciate it so much, in fact, that this time, you get to be lazy. How do you enter this particular drawing?

Simple: comment here.

No, really. This giveaway is going to be a RANDOM DRAW, just like the first one. Comment on this post going "oooh, me, me," and I'll put you into a spreadsheet. At the end of the month (so Tuesday, June 30th), I will roll the random number generator, and we'll have a winner. (Although, as a footnote, the winner will have seventy-two hours to claim their prize. So if I post going "Yay, Kermit, you win!" and Kermit doesn't say "Yay, send it here!" within three days, I'll be rolling the random number generator again. That's how we roll.) Please only comment once. Please do not comment if you already have an ARC, as that isn't nice.

There will almost certainly be other giveaways after this, through this LJ, and maybe even through my website and/or Twitter. Because I like giving stuff away. It's fun.

Game on!