June 18th, 2009


Quick and perky mailing update.

1. I have mailed the first three "delivery by post office" chapbooks. They're going to, respectively, California, New Hampshire, and...Australia. Sometimes the distance my work has managed to travel genuinely astonishes me. (I'm still giggling over how fast the chapbooks went away once I posted them. Zoom!)

2. I have mailed a restock of Stars Fall Home off to the nice people at CDBaby. (My first two CDs—Pretty Little Dead Girl and Stars Fall Home—are now distributed entirely by People Who Are Not Me. This is for the sake of my sanity, as well as for the sake of the folks at my local post office. You can still order Red Roses and Dead Things through my website, but that isn't going to last for long.)

3. As part of my "do all your damn mailing already" campaign, I'm going to be mailing any pending CD orders on Monday, when I mail the prizes for the LOLtest (voting is still open through tomorrow, so please vote). I currently have three CDs in "confirmed and good to ship" status. If you've ordered and have never received a "payment confirmed" email, please ping me so we can try to fix it. If you haven't ordered, now is basically the perfect time to do it and be semi-guaranteed quick delivery of your CD. (I say "semi" because I'm the Rain King, not the Mail Queen.)

4. In other news, Piglet mailed me candy corn. Piglet is now my new best friend.

It's good to be the Princess of Halloween.