June 16th, 2009


LOLtest voting post!

Welcome to the first Toby LOLtest voting post! I've selected ten entries, through a magical mixture of "oh, I really liked that one" and "random selection." (The order in which they are presented is not the order in which they were chosen. It's mostly the order in which they appeared, for ease of browsing.) I've included links to the entries themselves below the voting poll, so that you can make an informed decision.

Game on!

Poll #1416563 What's your favorite LOL?

What's your favorite LOL?

"I'm not working..."
Solvin' ur murders.
No harm.
"Hard werk raisin hooman..."
"Tybalt? R u there?"
"Iz faerie now."
Normal life.
"Whatchu mean, 'no'?"
Cursin' u.
Not all Tinker Belle.

1. "I'm not working..."
2. Solvin' ur murders.
3. No harm.
4. "Hard werk raisin hooman..."
5. "Tybalt? R u there?"
6. "Iz faerie now."
7. Normal life.
8. "Whatchu mean, 'no'?"
9. Cursin' u.
10. Not all Tinker Belle.

Voting will close Friday morning.

Song: Pandemic Flu.

Don't be afraid of the pandemic flu;
Just take a few precautions, if you please.
There's plenty of things anybody can do,
Like covering your nose before you sneeze.

Please wash your hands with water and soap
Before you touch your dishes or your food.
Keeping things clean will help us to cope,
And careless virus vectors are just rude.

SPOKEN: "Viruses and bacteria are two different things. Antibacterial soap won't reduce your likelihood of catching the flu any more than plain soap, and may cause bacterial resistance. Stick with nice, plain soap."

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