June 10th, 2009


Last LOLtest entry reminder.

I'm off for DucKon bright and early tomorrow (Thursday, June 11th), so please consider this your last reminder that the first-ever Toby Daye LOLtest is still open for entries. To recap...

1. Entries must be graphic. There are no restrictions on type of graphic, providing they follow the LOL___ format popularized by the LOLcats movement. LOLcats, LOLold fairy tale illustrations, LOLmy cover art, LOLhome photography, whatever. Dress yourself, a friend, or a really tolerant squirrel up as Toby and knock yourself out. Whatever makes you happy.

2. Entries must be related to Rosemary and Rue in some way.

3. Entries must be posted on the original contest announcement.

We're getting some great submissions. In the interest of preserving my sanity (and recognizing the fact that hey, I'm about to go away to a weekend-long convention), we'll keep taking entries until I open the floor for voting on Tuesday, June 16th. Since we're getting such awesome submissions, I'm going to do first, second, and third prizes, namely:

FIRST: an ARC of Rosemary and Rue.
SECOND: a set of my CDs or a cover flat, if you already have the CDs.
THIRD: whichever prize second didn't take.

Good luck!

My schedule at DucKon! Now with extra flailing.

So you may be wondering what my schedule is this weekend at DucKon. Or you may not be. Whatever. I'm going to tell you anyway.


7:00 PM: Opening Ceremonies. Rumor is now indicating that I may a) wear a corset, b) sing, and c) do the Time Warp. Rumor is seriously leading an interesting life.
8:00 PM: Whose Line Is It Anyway? The classic improv game goes convention crazy! With Tom Smith, Gretchen Roper, and others. Music provided by Toybox.
10:00 PM: Sing A Song of Dead Things. Themed filk with corpses in. I will be your lovely, loony moderator. I will also be half-asleep. Bring a poking stick.


10:00 AM: Plagues Past, Present, and Future. LET'S GET READY TO RABIES!
12:00 PM: The Business of Writing. With Diana Fox and Shannon Butcher.
3:00 PM: Vixy & Tony Concert.
5:00 PM: Seanan McGuire, Undead in Concert! Featuring Vixy and Tony, Amy McNally, and probably others. It's going to be awesome.
8:00 PM: Urban Fantasy. With Jim Butcher and Jody Lyn Nye. Because I'm always at my most-coherent post-concert. I should have time to change, at least.


11:00 AM: Reading. Reading what? Who knows! Please, please, let me know if I have something you're just dying to hear, or it's likely to be another random assortment of my short fiction.
12:00 PM: The Award-Winners Concert. If you want to hear some real, live Pegasus Award winners and nominees, this is where you should be.
1:00 PM: X-Men Comics. For those of you who aren't aware, Jean Grey is still dead, and I totally approve.
3:00 PM: Closing Ceremonies.

I will have copies of all three of my albums at the convention, available for sale and signing, as well as the complete remaining run of my second limited-edition poetry chapbook. Which will not be re-issued, because dude, Beckett had to hand-sew the entire run of books, and I know when not to press my luck.

See you there!