June 5th, 2009


Remember to enter the LOLtest!

If you didn't enter or didn't win yesterday's trivia contest, all is not lost! Remember, the first-ever Toby Daye LOLtest is still going! To recap...

1. Entries must be graphic. There are no restrictions on type of graphic, providing they follow the LOL___ format popularized by the LOLcats movement. LOLcats, LOLold fairy tale illustrations, LOLmy cover art, LOLhome photography, whatever. Dress yourself, a friend, or a really tolerant squirrel up as Toby and knock yourself out. Whatever makes you happy.

2. Entries must be related to Rosemary and Rue in some way.

3. Entries must be posted on the original contest announcement.

Again, I'll be taking entries until Friday, June 12th, and then opening the floor for voting. There's definitely an ARC in it for the winner, and depending on number and variety of entries, I may also be supplying a few runner-up prizes.

Good luck!

A day in the life of a Disney Halloweentown Princess.

5:15 AM: Wake up to the shrieking blare of the alarm clock. Reaffirm desire to purchase one of those nifty little iPod-dock alarm clocks after DucKon, so that I can be woken up by something that doesn't make me want to lunge for the nearest blunt object and commit a homicide. I'm a light enough sleeper not to need an alarm clock that could be used to notify the UN of the impending zombie apocalypse, thank you very much. Get dressed, get packed, get out the door.

7:00 AM: Arrive at desk in San Francisco, and settle in for a day of being as productive as I possibly can when I'm leaving the office at one to deal with scary dental things. I am surprisingly productive, largely thanks to my love for the sacred to-do list. If not for the sacred to-do list, I would be a whimpering heap under the bed by now. All hail the sacred to-do list, and all hail Franklin-Covey, the manufacturers of my planner and its various accessories. Seriously. These people save my ass daily.

1:00 PM: Leave the office. Head for the train. Take the train to Borderlands Books, where my usual impeccable timing means a) I miss Jude (rats!), b) the naked cats aren't in the store (double rats!), and c) Cary—in addition to being the only employee present, which reduces the viability of chatting—is in the middle of inventory, and thus borders on negatively social. Purchase several books, because I am me. One of these is a paperback titled Denver Is Missing, by D.F. Jones, who also wrote Earth Has Been Found. Nobody ever gets to call me bad at titles ever ever ever ever again.

4:00 PM: Go to dentist, who prods me repeatedly while going "Does this hurt?" Nothing hurts before it gets prodded. Now...well, pain is annoying but endurable, I suppose.

5:00 PM: Arrive home. Update LJ before preparing for an evening of edits, fuzzy cats, and really lousy horror movies.

Halloween is every day.