May 12th, 2009


One month to DUCKON! Are you ready?!

It's one month to DucKon (! The biggest hootenanny of the summer, packing a whole lot of hoot and a whole lot of nanny into one short weekend in Naperville, Illinois. (Urge to parody "One Short Day In the Emerald City" rising...) You can view an early draft of my schedule on my appearances page; I'll also be posting it here when we're a little bit closer to the convention, but you can at least start planning your exciting adventures now. Remember, online registration closes this Friday at midnight Central, so if you've been waffling, now's the time to square up your affairs and put your irons in the fire.

...I promise that's the last waffle pun I will attempt to make this year.

This convention is gonna be a blast. Not only do you get to see me going head-to-head with Jim Butcher (potentially world-ending), not only do you get to see me geeking out over pandemics and the X-Men—basically my drugs of choice—but you get to see me live and in concert with Vixy and Tony, Amy McNally, and Possible Special Guests. And there will be a reading. And there will be galleys, although the exact distribution mechanism has yet to be determined (pretty sure Kate won't let me play Pee-Wee's Playhouse and choose a second word...but she might let me play Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show, and demand that you spin the Wheel of Fun).

Meet me! Meet my agent! Meet my musical dream team! Meet my graphic designer! And watch me baffle my handlers with my constant demands for more caffeine! Fun for the whole family.

If you can't make it to DucKon, I will be at BayCon next weekend in San Jose. Details to come when I've got them.

Happy Limerick Day!

Hooray, hooray, it's Limerick Day! The day of limericks! Last October, I posted a bunch of limericks based on books that I really love. This is because I am arguably insane. Also, really easily amused.

And now, in honor of this fabulous holiday, some literary limericks. You're welcome.

Collapse )

And now, because I really care, something a little more...topical:


They're sisters and lovers and wives,
Or the one girl who somehow survives.
Best play fair and play nice
When you're dating a Price,
Because crazy gets all of the knives.

Happy Limerick Day!
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