May 4th, 2009


Detailed, thoughtful RAVENS review.

The ever-lovely talkstowolves decided to do a review of Ravens in the Library, the benefit anthology assembled for SJ "Sooj" Tucker following her sudden acquisition of several thousand dollars in unwanted medical debt. (Sometimes the medical system itself makes me ill, and then where am I?) It was a glorious idea, and a glorious reality, and it's great to see people really digging into the book enough to fully review it.

Part One of the review, in which half the stories are explored.
Part Two of the review, in which we run out of stories.
Part Three of the review, in which there is a great deal of artwork.

The sheer detail and consideration of this set of entries delights me. True critical thinking is always a joy, and even when I disagree with it, it makes me think. Well worth the price of admission.

ROSEMARY AND RUE giveaway #1!

I have Rosemary and Rue galleys. You want Rosemary and Rue galleys. We're like the peanut butter cup of pre-release reading material. So how can you get what you want?

Simple: comment here.

No, really. The first giveaway is going to be a RANDOM DRAW. Comment on this post going "oooh, me, me," and I'll put you into a spreadsheet. At the end of the week (so Friday, May 8th), I will roll the random number generator, and we'll have a winner. (Although, as a footnote, the winner will have seventy-two hours to claim their prize. So if I post going "Yay, Kermit, you win!" and Kermit doesn't say "Yay, send it here!" within three days, I'll be rolling the random number generator again. That's how we roll.) Please only comment once. There will be other giveaways, some of which will be much more participatory and require actual effort to enter, but this week, I'm lazy.

Game on!