March 26th, 2009


Ravens in the Bay Area.

Yesterday afternoon, I took Jon for what is becoming my regular tour through Borderlands Books, aka 'home of the freaky alien demon suede kittyfaces.' (Tip to the bookstores of the world: if you want me to come over a lot, get yourselves a naked cat. If you want me to avoid coming over, get, I don't know, a Persian.) We arrived to find the entire hive of demon cats playing bezoar in the back room, because nothing makes a bunch of naked cats cuter than becoming an undifferentiated ball of heaving, speckled flesh. Er, wait...

Jude was in the store, and I took great pleasure in showing her the cover print for Rosemary and Rue, which she was properly appreciative of -- I figure an author with new cover art is much like a parent with new baby pictures; you can hate it, but when they whip out their wallets, you'd better be prepared to coo over the fact that baby's got four limbs and a head -- before chatting for a bit about our various cats and the fact that All Cat Breeders Are Crazy. (It's true. It's just that some, like Betsy, are good crazy, while others are creepy won't let you into the house because maybe you're carrying the plague under your fingernails crazy.) Everyone's very much looking forward to Alice's arrival. Any bookstore that invites you to bring your Maine Coon for a visit with the creepy demon cats is a good bookstore.

Jude also rousted Ash for us, so that Jon could have his proper introduction to the glorious freakiness of the Sphinx. This was deeply pleasing unto me. I adore the freaky suede kittyfaces, and any day that they choose to grace with their presence is a good day for all of me.

As Jon and I were on our way out of the store (Jon having, naturally, purchased a souvenir postcard of Ripley), Jude stopped us. See, she was on the phone with Phil, confirming that the store had received their copies of Ravens in the Library. Yes: Borderlands has five copies of Ravens! They're gorgeous. And if you go down there, thus supporting your local bookstore and your local Sooj, you can totally buy one. Better still?

After Jude got off the phone, she asked if I wanted to sign them.

Nobody's ever asked me that before.

So yes, I signed their copies of Ravens in the Library -- signing several hundred CDs really makes you good at signing your name -- and walked home in a happy haze. You should, if you're local and haven't already ordered a copy, really go and pick one up. It's a truly gorgeous book. Better yet?

It's signed.