March 24th, 2009


Moments in becoming a real girl.

Last night, as I was preparing for bed after a busy evening of edits, website updates, art cards, and catching up on Bones, Chris pinged me.

Chris: "Did you see that the cover for Rosemary and Rue is on Amazon?"
Me: "WHAT?!"
Chris: "Guess not."

(I paraphrase because not even I can quote all the time, but I checked with Chris, and he says this is a fair reflection of our conversation. Which was maybe a little less coherent on my side. Because sometimes, I am a non-linear blonde.)

Because I really like to see things for myself, I went hieing over to the Amazon page for Rosemary and Rue, and lo and behold, my cover is, in fact, there. Right there. On the page. Where people who have absolutely never heard of me before -- people who didn't get there through this journal, or through my website, or through anything but random clicking -- can see it. On the page.

I sure am crying a lot this year. Also, PS?

I'm a real girl.