March 23rd, 2009


Return to Evernight Academy with STARGAZER!

This is not a book review. There may be a book review later, once a) I've finished the book, and b) I've finished being all excited about the book, but right now, this is not a book review. See? It doesn't even have the book review icon. What this is is an excuse to squeal and jump around and clap my hands over Stargazer [Amazon]|[Mysterious Galaxies], the new book in the epic Evernight Saga from Claudia Gray. (I really like having an excuse to write 'epic saga' in a context that doesn't make me feel all dirty inside.)

Stargazer takes us back to Evernight Academy, where Bianca's problems are just beginning. I'm about halfway through the book, which officially hits shelves tomorrow, and I'm ecstatic. It's smart, savvy, well-paced, well-plotted supernatural romance for the teen crowd that's well-written enough to rock my happy adult world, smoking-hot enough to be enthralling, and yet PG-13 enough not to make my fifteen-year-old niece feel uncomfortable if I see her reading it. It is, in short, made of pure awesome.

(Look. Fifteen-year-olds are going to read smut. I'm not saying this is good, I'm not saying this is bad, I'm just saying this is. That said, when I was fifteen, I would have been seriously tweaked out if I'd seen my Aunt Jennifer reading the same smut I was reading, or having her see me reading it if I knew she knew that it was smut. Reduce discomfort in the teenagers of the world. Label your plot-to-porn ratio clearly.)

Stargazer officially comes out tomorrow. Because The Agent is awesome, she arranged for me to get an early copy, which I am devouring like it were the first pumpkin pie of the Halloween season. I'll doubtless finish it tonight, and do more flailing about how great it is later, after I've had time to let it sink in. For right now:

1. Evernight was awesome.
2. Stargazer is possibly more awesome.
3. Claudia Gray is hence declared to be awesome.
4. Support your local vampire academy by buying Stargazer.

The Evernight Academy Spirit Squad thanks you, and will reward your loyalty by not eating your cat.

Awesome things that are awesome.

So we're once again hard at work on the website -- aren't we always hard at work on the website? -- and I thought it might be a good idea to let people know what there was to experience, see, and enjoy. This is what we call 'making all that work not have been in vain.' I'm really big on work not being in vain. So...

* The Toby Daye landing page is fully functional. This is where you can go to link to any of the existing books, get a series overview, and take a quick peek at any new developments. More specific news relating to any particular book will naturally be on that book's own unique landing page. Speaking of which...

* The Rosemary and Rue landing page is fully up-to-date and shiny, with the book's back cover text, some really exciting blurbs from names you may well recognize, a basic plot summary, and more. And, of course, the pretty, pretty cover art. Nothing makes me happier than the pretty, pretty cover art. Well, except for maybe...

* The art card gallery! (You would normally access this through the 'Extras' drop-down menu.) We've got sixty cards uploaded and annotated so far. Because I have no hobbies. Also proving I have no hobbies...

* The 'With Friends Like These' archive is starting up. 'With Friends Like These' is my comic strip, which I draw because I bore easily. There are only ten strips up so far, but more are coming. (Again, under the 'Extras' menu.)

Big, big thanks to porpentine, who did truly yeoman labors over the weekend to get the gallery code up and working. There are other surprises to find and see, but these are the big ones. I'm thrilled.