March 5th, 2009


Discussions with Amy, Take Two.

(Remember the last time we did this...?)

Me: Rar!
Amy: Eeee! O halp, I is attacked by seananbeest!
Me: Dese dark woodz. U followz me into dem.
Amy: I dunno, dere'z dis bukkit I has fer gramma.
Me: Bukkit u sayz? Wut bukkit?
Amy: Sick grammal'rus needs her bukkit.
Me: OK. U takes her bukkit. I not sneakz ahead an eat her, k?
Amy: O gud! *traipses gaily*
Amy: knokknok Gramma? U feelz ok? U wantz bukkit?
Me: U comez here now needz to see you bettah.
Amy: OK Gramma...
Amy: woah, dem's big eyez...
Me: Iz so's I can seez u bettah.
Amy: U must can see me waaaay gud.
Amy: Woah, dem's big eerz, Gramma.
Me: Iz so's I can hearz u bettah.
Amy: Ooh. Dem's...Dem's awful big teefs, Gramma.
Me: Iz so's I can nom you bettah.
Amy: Nom? O Noes! U not Gramma!
Me: Nope! Iz da Big Bad Woof! OM NOM NOM DUM KID IN CLOAK NOM NOM.
Amy: HALP HA---*squeeek*
Me: I can haz little girl. Iz like cheezburger. Only more dum.
Amy: *dies laughing*
Me: We are...very odd.

There are days when I worry about our sanity, since I'm reasonably sure that normal people don't break into spontaneous LOLcat retellings of Little Red Riding Hood. And then I realize that if we didn't do that sort of thing, I would have no idea who we were.

One hundred and seventy-nine days to Rosemary and Rue. Do you know where your granddaughter's basket of goodies is?