March 3rd, 2009


Who's that girl?

...or, to stop paraphrasing Grease II, who might that irritated looking woman with the brown hair, the sensible clothing, and the large knife be?

Does this give you a clue?

In other news, yes, that is the cover illustration for October Daye, book two, A Local Habitation. Not the cover, mind you -- the cover illustration. I'll be posting the book covers here as soon as they're finished and I'm allowed, but since my awesome awesome awesome cover artist has posted the illustration, I'm allowed to link to it. (I'm also allowed to order a print. Because my walls need to have Toby hanging from them. It's a moral imperative.)

Please note that Toby looks better, cooler, and more just plain Toby than I ever dreamed she would be. We used to play this game of 'how bad can it get?' when talking about my eventual book covers. These games usually included words like 'blonde' and 'chain-mail bikini.' Instead, I got a genuine snapshot of the bitchy, curt, wonderful woman who lives inside my head, and now everybody else can see her, too.

I am happier than words can express.