March 1st, 2009


An announcement, a moment of geekitude, and a request.

The announcement:

After three days of wandering Wondercon, I actually still have art cards -- partially because there were three instances where I totally forgot that the deal was 'you say the magic phrase, I give you an art card of your very own.' I remembered later, and in all three cases, I was able to find the people later to give them an art card anyway...but my guilt motivated me to do three totally new cards to hand out, thus leaving me with several of the originals still in my possession.

Since I'd already mentally filed this particular cards as 'gone,' given that whole 'taking them to a convention to give away' thing, I've decided to make the cards go away through a different mechanism. So I'm going to sell them. I also don't feel like scanning what I have left, because I am an essentially lazy creature who doesn't have that sort of technical skill left in me. So here's how that's going to work:

1. You think 'I want ____ art card.'
2. You send me an email (this account is paid, and you can email it) -- not an LJ comment, please -- and say 'is ____ available?'
3. I say either yes or no. If yes, I follow that with 'you can have it for ten dollars.'
4. If you still want it, we arrange for you to give me ten dollars.
5. I mail you an art card of your very own.

For the most part, I won't be selling things through this journal, because I'm selling, y'know, books through this journal. If this works, however, I'll probably put post-convention art cards up whenever I have them, just because it's a good way to make them leave.

The moment of geekitude:

Frank Beddor was totally thrilled to hear that I'd sold Rosemary and Rue [Amazon]|[Mysterious Galaxies], and we geeked books for a while, and it was awesome. Frank is the author of The Looking Glass Wars [Amazon]. He's also a really sweet guy, and it was great that he got so excited for me.

The request:

So I'm doing a truly epic number of tweaks and updates to my website as we get everything launched and up to speed. Some sub-pages are still missing, some sub-pages are a mess, but on the whole, it's coming together fast. The page for the Toby books in general and Rosemary and Rue are sort of comic in their sparseness. It's going to improve, I promise.

One of the existing pages most in need of a major revamp is the album reviews page, which is just a mess right now. So please, if you have one of my albums and you have a moment, can you either link me to your existing review, write a full review, or toss me a comment mini-review? That way I can get some new options and fresh text as I clean everything else up.