February 25th, 2009


Questions for a Horror Movie Survival FAQ.

So when I originally approached the readership of this journal and said 'lo, what should I include in my site FAQ section?', roughly half the people who responded said 'horror movie survival.' So yes, there's an actual section on getting out of a horror movie with your skin and sanity reasonably intact.

Feel proud of yourselves.

So now that the horror FAQ is underway, I ask you...what all should be included? What burning questions do you have about the things out there that want to make you die -- and maybe more important, what questions do you have about staying alive? Remember, only you can defeat the crawling terror from beyond the stars. Unless, y'know, it eats you first.

Wondercon art cards, part one.

Remember those convention-special art cards I've been threatening to do for Wondercon? Well, they're all done, and I love them all, to the point that I've had to talk myself out of just doing 'one little replacement card' several times now. Since I'm still planning to be at the con, I thought I'd offer a little preview of the goodies to come.

As always, clicking the image will take you to a bigger version. I give you the first six cards:

Cards will be available for the first ten people who find me at the convention and ask about Rosemary and Rue. I'm intending to be at-con for at least part of all three days.

Let the games begin!