February 20th, 2009


192 days to ROSEMARY AND RUE! So what's next?

Point the first: Yes, I am intending to count down, like a small child anticipating Christmas. No, I am not intending to post the numbers every day, because that would be crazy-making for everyone involved. Yes, I am probably going to post whenever we get a number that really interests me. Like...

Point the second: 192 is the sum of ten consecutive primes (5 + 7 + 11 + 13 + 17 + 19 + 23 + 29 + 31 + 37). It's also the smallest number with exactly 14 divisors. Oh, and also? That's how many member states are currently in the United Nations. I love you, number theory books and Wikipedia.

Point the third: If you're really aching for a first look at Rosemary and Rue, there will be an excerpt included in the DAW Books Summer Sampler, which is being handed out at the San Diego Comic Convention. It'll probably be available other places, too -- I found copies in several genre-oriented bookstores last year -- but I can guarantee its presence at Comicon. As an added bonus, I can guarantee my presence at Comicon, which means you can not only snag a copy of the sampler, you can get it signed.

Point the fourth: We're working on getting the website fully up to speed, and yes, this is eventually going to mean that we'll have landing pages for each of the Toby Daye books. A sample of the text will probably be going up after the Summer Sampler has been officially released; we'll probably be able to get the cover up there about the same time. I promise not to taunt you forever.

This is such a big adventure. There are no words.