February 19th, 2009


September 1st, 2009.

Lots of things have happened on September 1st. That's the day the last passenger pigeon died. That's the day Juno (great big space rock) was discovered. That's the day Alberta and Saskatchewan (also full of rocks) joined the Canadian confederation. In America, it's Emma M. Nutt Day -- she was the first female telephone operator, back when the phones were mostly manned by young men. In New Zealand, it's Random Acts of Kindness Day, which really seems to me like the sort of holiday that we could stand to celebrate with a little more frequency.

And it's the projected release date for Rosemary and Rue, the first of the October Daye books. Let me repeat that, in case my tendency to ramble has obscured today's big announcement:

Rosemary and Rue will be coming out on SEPTEMBER 1ST, 2009!!!

That's a hundred and ninety-three days from now. That's really no time at all. And now, some fun with the number '193,' since I love math geeking and Ryan prodded me into doing it:

193 is a prime number -- always lucky for me. It's also the only currently known odd prime for which 2 is not a primitive root of 4p2 + 1. So that's pretty awesome. It's a cuban prime, a happy prime, and a lucky prime. I feel lucky! It's the twin prime of 191 (a twin prime is a prime that differs from another prime by two). And it can be written as the difference between the product and the sum of the first four primes. In conclusion?

193 is awesome.

September 1st is awesome.

And September 1st, 2009 is quadruple extra-special awesome, because that's the day you can walk into your local bookstore, take Rosemary and Rue down from the shelf, and dare the bookstore clerk to pronounce my name.

Today is made of win and pie.