February 14th, 2009


Wondercon art cards, phase one: inking.

So, in an effort to get people to stalk me -- I mean, ah, 'track me down' -- at Wondercon, I have declared that the first ten people to track me down and ask me about Rosemary and Rue will receive, gratis and on-the-spot, a specially drawn art card made entirely for the purpose of being given away to at-con, er, trackers.

Because I never work very well under 'you must do X by Y and PS don't screw it up' pressure, I decided the best way not to make this a crazy-making thing would be to do it entirely at random -- as in, just sit down, draw ten art cards, and whatever they turn out to be, that's what Wondercon gets. So I did. And the result was...

1. The Kitsune Girl from the Babylon Wood.
2. A very unhelpful turtle.
3. Toby, stark naked, in a pond, looking pissed.
4. Angie the centaur pirate (long, long story).
5. Bunny with an Electric Knights poster behind her.
6. The Rose-Owl from the Babylon Wood.
7. Cassie Hack from Hack/Slash.
8. Alice Healy with a nice cake.
9. Velveteen in her Junior Super Patriots yearbook picture.
10. A man-eating plant eating a human arm.

Don't worry if not all of those make sense to you -- they barely all make sense to me, and I drew them. Still, I think they're all pretty nifty, and I'll scan them in after I've had a chance to color them.

Life is good. Time to sleep.