February 11th, 2009


Progress is like magic. It just takes more work.

Hey, take a look at my website!

Just to detail the changes...

Landing Page.

The new back-end interface for the front page updates is in place; I can now make changes to the news, welcome box, and appearances box without anybody helping me out. This means the news will stay up-to-date, the welcome box will stay topical, and new appearances will be appearing as they, well, appear. I didn't really think that sentence through, did I? (As a side note, clicking 'more information' in the appearances box will do exactly what it claims, and provide you with more information about the appearances themselves. Footnotes and surprises will often be buried there. You have been warned.) We've also increased the font size, and reduced the number of news items visible at any one time to three. Recently posted news items can still be viewed by clicking 'read more,' and that will also take you to the news archive.

Bio Page.

Check it out -- we have one! Currently, it contains a self-written bio, and a bio that was written for me in 2007 by Zander Nyrond, when my vocal group, Lady Mondegreen, attended the UK filk convention as Guests of Honor. (Plurals and Lady Mondegreen are always confusing.) We're going to be adding a bio by Michelle Dockrey, and a link to a deeply goofy little survey-style bio that I started writing during last night's episode of NCIS.

We're also going to be adding photo credits; their current absence is my fault, as I went to bed before telling Chris where they should appear on the page. For right now, the black and white headshot is by Beckett Gladney, and the color picture in the pumpkin patch is by Carolyn Billingsley.

Coming Soon!

All links that don't actually lead to their anticipated content now lead to a 'COMING SOON' page, which proves that, y'know, we're planning on getting them updated ASAP.

Feedback is welcome, and the current plan is the have the entire website functional and live by March 10th. Some things have already moved to new places on the page, and other things will be moving in the near future. Big, big thanks to porpentine and taraoshea for all their hard, secret work.


Teaser icons for ROSEMARY AND RUE.

One of the wonderful services provided by my graphic designer, taraoshea, is the production of promotional art for my books. The icons in this post were designed to go with Rosemary and Rue (October Daye book one, coming from DAW Books in September 2009). Matching wallpapers will be available soon on my website. But for right now...icons.

All icons are free for use, although I do ask that you credit Tara and link people back to my website, since the point is to start driving up interest. All icons will also be posted to my website. I'll let you know when.


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It gets a little closer to real every day.