January 30th, 2009


Conflikt this weekend! Concert tomorrow night!

Here's a final reminder, my Pacific Northwest-ian darlings, that this weekend is Conflikt II, the second ever Washington/Pacific Northwest filk convention! It starts today at the Holiday Inn Seattle-Renton, located in scenic Renton, Washington, and I've been imported solely to serve as their Guest of Honor. I even brought an earthquake, for that true California touch. (I then proceeded to sleep through it. Thus proving that I have lived in California for too long.)

This weekend promises chills, thrills, spills, shrills (when the sporanos hit a note from the wrong angle), shills (when the Interfilk auction really gets rolling), trills (from all and sundry), and hopefully a minimum of ills, as I have not scheduled the global pandemic to coincide with the convention. Also, in a rare real-life sighting, my mother is going to be showing up for the con. Bring cameras, and move slowly, she's shy.

If you're wondering what all the fuss is about, or can't afford the entire weekend, I recommend swinging down for the Saturday night extravaganza. My concert is at nine o'clock, and evening memberships are available. Saturday night will also include appearances by Frank Hayes and Marian Call, thus making the entire experience MADE OF PURE WIN. So even if you can't come and share our entire madcap adventure, you should at least swing by for a few hours.

Copies of all three of my albums are available at the con, as are many more truly awesome and spectacular recordings. (I can make recommendations. Usually while bouncing and squeaking. It's fun, and, I am told, slightly unnerving.)

Hope to see you there!