January 29th, 2009


Welcome to Seattle!

My plane flight was uneventful, in that exciting 'I got on the plane, sat down, took my pills, closed my eyes, and we were on the ground in Seattle, with the nice flight attendant shaking my shoulder and asking whether I was dead. As I was not dead, I deplaned and met Vixy at the baggage claim. (Can I just say, any entry that includes 'and met Vixy at the baggage claim' is basically made of wonderful and win? Because it is.)

Back at the Brainpan*, we relaxed for a bit before Sooj and K came back, accompanied by Tony and Torrey. Everybody else went down into the basement to chatter, while I passed out cold on the living room couch. I'm a big fan of passing out cold. Especially when I know I'm going to wake up before eight the next morning (which I did). I had a parade of lovely people all morning long, as first Vixy, then Tony and Torrey, and finally Sooj and K rose from their slumbers and ambled off into the day.

I got some time to just hang out and talk with Sooj and K, which was wonderful. We all see each other at conventions, but there's so rather time to really just hang about and talk. They're good people. They're really, really good people. Which just makes me happier that Ravens in the Library is coming up to help with the medical bills.

I am now alone in the house, since Vixy, Tony, and Torrey are all at work, and Sooj and K have been carried off by Betsy. I'm going to finish the next chapter in Late Eclipses of the Sun, and do a bit of hammering on some other projects, before I allow myself to take advantage of Tony's fantastic cable television.

Hi, Seattle. Miss me?

(*Casa de Tony, which is also Vixy's current place of residence.)