January 28th, 2009


Here it goes again...

I have packed my suitcase, checked my carry-on, spoken to my editor, and answered all my major pending email (as in, I still have what is most politely referred to as 'a fuck-ton' of email to answer, but none of it is actively on fire at this specific moment in time). I have verified the location of my photo ID, verified the airline and the airport I'm destined for -- I have a nasty tendency to remember when I fly, but not remember where I'm flying from -- and picked up my comics from the comic book store.

I have given Joe Fields, the owner of my comic book store, a copy of Red Roses and Dead Things, because it made him laugh, and I think anybody who's lucky enough to have a comic store guy like Joe should make him happy whenever it's possible. He's just awesome. I have packed food for the journey, since I have to leave my house at four to catch a seven-thirty plane to get to Seattle by nine-thirty, and that's a bit long to depend on airport food and Tootsie Pops.

I have packed emergency Tootsie Pops.

This is my first convention of 2009; the beginning of what currently promises to be a terrifyingly exciting, action-packed adventure of a year. As I was discussing with Vixy the other day, the Everything You Ever Wanted Fairy doesn't just show up with a few of the things you've casually wished for over the years, she shows up with everything, and you'd better be ready to cope. Perhaps I should have requested the attention of the Some Of The Things You've Ever Wanted Fairy. But I think that, in the end, I'm genuinely happy with the one I have.

All right, 2009; I'm going to leave the house real soon now. And in the interests of being a proper Halloweentown Disney princess coyote girl, I say...

...bring it on.