January 25th, 2009


A moment of sincere appreciation.

The cast of my personal reality show (So You Want To Edit One of Seanan's Novels?, hosted by Jane, the alcoholic muse who's probably going to get a spin-off on VH1 one of these days) tends to rotate -- not because we kick people off the island, but because editing for me can be a fairly time-consuming experience. Folks who watch me blog periodically comment on how many things I seem to be doing at one time. People who edit for me know how many things I seem to doing at one time, because they're expected to critique them. All of them. At my idea of 'a reasonable speed.' And since I write like the bastard daughter of Quicksilver and Mother Goose, my idea of 'a reasonable speed' is not like your Earth ideas.

I am enormously appreciative of all my readers, editors, and proofreaders (and yes, these are three very different things, although some folks wear more than one hat). Right now, I'm being enormously appreciative of Lu, who had to leave for a few books to go off and have a life -- I know, right? -- but is now back in the saddle and scolding me viciously for my first draft tendency to hit people upside the head with two-by-fours when I'm trying to make a point. It's people like her who get me to stop hitting unless it's necessary.

Lu, this moment of sincere appreciation is for you. Because you just rock.