January 18th, 2009


A Blonde-Watcher's Guide to Migration Patterns, or, Where's Seanan?

We're pretty solidly into January at this point, but the month's not over yet -- Conflikt II is still to come, and you haven't missed the opportunity to come and marvel at my very first Guest of Honor slot. My build-a-band for the occasion includes Vixy and Tony, Paul Kwinn, Alisa Garcia, and Luis Garcia (whom you may also know as several of the members of Puzzlebox), and the illustrious Amy McNally, fiddler to the stars. The set list is gorgeous, the company is glorious, and we are going to rock. The. House.

February both begins and ends with a convention. Conflikt II starts the month, as the tail-end of the convention catches the beginning of February, and Wondercon ends it. Sometimes being a geek is truly a fantastic thing. Also, Wondercon will be my first 'industry convention' with a publication date and business cards in hand. You may even catch me wearing the Halloweentown Disney Princess super-suit! Truly an opportunity not to be missed.

February will also see the release of Ravens in the Library, which includes my short story, 'Lost,' written specifically for the anthology and never seen anywhere else. It's an all-star lineup for a very good cause. I'm very excited.

March finds me running the music department for Consonance, the San Francisco Bay Area's very own filk convention. Our guests this year are absolutely first rate, and I don't just say that because most of them know where I live. It's going to be fantastic. You should totally come.

It's a gap! In my schedule! During which I might actually do silly little things like sleeping, eating, and writing! Sometimes life is good. Sometimes life allows to actually plan for my nervous breakdowns.

May will find me attending BayCon -- my second-ever BayCon as an actual working novelist. I intend to wander around giggling hysterically and looking starry-eyed. It's fun! Also, my friend Jennifer Brozek is the Toastmistress, so there's some exciting wackiness basically guaranteed.

June is Duckon! The convention where you can see me and Jim Butcher duke it out over...well, whatever the programming division tells us to duke it out over. The convention where you can catch me, Vixy, and Tony all on stage at the same time! The convention where you can watch me perplex my handlers by demanding to walk to 7-11 every morning! This is going to be such a blast.

Oh sweet, sweet San Diego ComiCon, how I've missed you. How I've longed for you. And how happy I am that I get to come back to you this year. I promise I'll never leave you again. There are rumors of some exciting Rosemary and Rue-related happenings at the convention -- happenings which may rock you all the way down to the tips of your toes. I recommend stopping by the Penguin Books booth to learn the whole story...where again, you can see me in Halloweentown Disney Princess mode. Always scary, always amusing.

July will also see the release of Grants Pass, a post-apocalyptic anthology from Morrigan Books. It includes my short story, 'Animal Husbandry,' written specifically for the project and never seen anywhere else. This was my first anthology sale. Words can't begin to express how thrilled I am.

It's blonde vs. Canada as I make my way to the Montreal WorldCon. Who will win? Probably the fries with gravy.

Nothing major. Just, I don't know, the OFFICIAL RELEASE of MY VERY FIRST FULL-LENGTH NOVEL, Rosemary and Rue. I've been living with October 'Toby' Daye as an invisible roommate for so long that I barely remember life without her, and now the whole world gets to be properly introduced. I'm excited beyond words. I've actually been crying, I'm so happy. I think you're gonna like her.

The Ohio Valley Filk Festival! Unfortunately for my haunted corn maze aspirations, World Fantasy 2009 has been shifted to Halloween weekend, so I'm going to be flying back to California immediately after the convention to spend a weekend in San Jose, making friends and influencing people. Or at least staying upright.

I like sleep. I understand people do it sometimes. Also, I understand that cats appreciate it when their owners sit still. So I'm going to try these things, and see if they keep me alive a little longer.

Prepare for 2010. How did we get here already?

The year is filling up fast, and more things are bound to appear as the months draw closer -- look at how detailed the first few months are compared to the later ones. If you want me, book early, book often, and bribe.