January 5th, 2009


'The Stepsister Scheme' hits tomorrow!

So y'all may have noticed me talking a goodly amount about the works of jimhines lately. This isn't because he bribed me, ironically enough; it's just that I find his books deeply entertaining, and I have a very low threshold for amusement sometimes. And it is in the spirit of my low threshold for amusement that I take this opportunity to remind you that The Stepsister Scheme comes out tomorrow. I haven't posted my full review of the book yet -- although I have posted my mother's -- but I found it to be a fun, fast, flippant take on the classical fairy tale heroines of old. Less 'Joss Whedon does Disney,' more 'Warren Ellis and Steven Moffat do the Brothers Grimm.' (Knowing Ellis and Moffat, they're either doing them in, or doing them some serious physical damage in an alleyway.)

I would happily hand this book to an eleven-year-old girl who likes to read, having been one, and thus having a decent recollection of what I would just skim over because hello, still boring. I would just as happily hand it to any adult friend, male or female, and be like, dude, check it out.

So anyway, The Stepsister Scheme, by Jim Hines, from DAW Books. January 6th, 2009. Help yourself through the post-holiday hangover with some ass-kicking princesses and a whole lot of wacky fun.

In honor of this most exciting event, I present another shot of my resident Pretty Little Dead Girl, this time in full-on Cinderella mode. (I promise you that the only similarity to the book is the archetype. Jim's Cinderella is a lot less likely to slit your throat, empty your pockets, and leave your body by the side of the road for the crows to peck at.) Now that I'm free from the confines of the calendar, I'm finding myself with an assortment of really odd, occasionally really amusing pin-ups. Because my brain does not believe in allowing me to have any of that mythical thing referred to only as 'down time.' Expect more randomness in the weeks to come, although I'm likely to save them until and unless I have something appropriate to post (like, say, this).