January 3rd, 2009


Concert tonight! Be there or...well, don't be there. Those are the options.

Hey, folks! Remember, I'm appearing live and in concert tonight in the Seattle area, performing as a part of the latest fantastic Vixy & Tony house concert!

Not only are Vixy and Tony incredible musicians, they are incredibly close and beloved friends of mine. Vixy was the first one I called when my trilogy sold to DAW Books. Vixy is the one I choose to shower in scorpions on a regular basis. And Tony is just a rock. A slightly crazy, zombie killing, flying monkey rock. I am honored, privileged, and delighted to be performing with them. I always am. If I wanted proof that my life is a wonderful thing, I'd only need to look to my friends.

More, we're going to be performing with Betsy Tinney, the cellist from Tricky Pixie, who adds a dimension of PURE AWESOME to every song that comes out of our mouths. I mean, rehearsal last night? Rehearsal last night was sort of like a preview glimpse of Wonderland. I have put my silver slippers on. I am ready to go home.

Maybe most importantly -- and you're going to be hearing more about this from me very soon -- all proceeds from tonight's show are being donated to help a dear, dear, wonderful friend with some major and unexpected medical bills. SJ Tucker was recently hospitalized, and, being a traveling musician in the modern United States, does not have medical insurance. Tonight's music is in her honor, tonight's magic is towards her healing, and tonight's money is towards her hospital costs. We want her well, and every little bit helps. Even if it's just clapping to show that you believe in fairies.

I hope I'll see you there. If not, well. I hope you'll clap a little anyway. Because I'm just a big sap that way.